Books by darryl kimball & allan duffin

From Amazon- "Darryl Kimball always wanted to fly. This is the story of how he accomplished his dream. It's the story of how a small town country boy found his way to San Diego, California, and eventually into the helicopter unit of one of the largest sheriff's departments in the country. In many ways it's a success story, a story of perseverance -- one that says when the odds seem to be stacked against you, or when your mind tells you that you're not smart enough or good enough, or tells you to quit and go home, you don't listen. You stick it out, you move forward . . . and you persevere."

From Amazon- "In 1982 Vietnam veteran John Arnold was a detective sergeant in the small town of Sanford, Maine. Working with the DEA and other law enforcement agencies, Arnold went undercover as a crooked cop, receiving kickbacks for "looking the other way" as drug dealer Michael Sanborn flew huge shipments through the local airport. Eventually Arnold met the "big boss," Richard Lowell Stratton, a Texas ranch owner whose involvement in the drug trade stretched back more than a decade. A task force armed with federal search warrants captured 1,500 pounds of Stratton's marijuana and hashish -- the largest such bust in the state of Maine at the time."

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I am honored that my name appears on the front of this book in the form of an endorsement. Rocky Elmore happens to be my first cousin and also hails from the State of Oklahoma. Rocky recently retired after a 20 year career as a U.S. Border Patrol Agent. Approximately twelve of those years were spent assigned to the Brown Field Station in San Diego County. While I was patrolling the streets of Santee, Lakeside and Valley Center, Rocky was hiking Otay Mountain, Marron Valley and rugged border canyons, often in the middle of the night - without the use of a flashlight - intercepting undocumented migrants. For years Rocky would relay stories of working along the border, as well as stories of the paranormal experienced by him and his fellow agents. For years I encouraged Rocky to write a book. Here it is! This book you will hear more of, I am certain.