Since launching Police Helicopter Pilot in 2008 I've had this terrible habit of blogging. It generally goes something like this; I get a hair brained idea of some niche to blog about, rush out and buy up a domain name, work my butt of for 3 months building up 30-40 articles, then decide the whole thing is stupid and take the blog back down. I don't recommend you adopt my style. It's not very profitable and you spend way too much time on Go Daddy. 

But it seems no matter what.. I always come back to writing and blogging.

In addition, Allan Duffin and I will have a second book out within weeks of this writing (today is July 21st, 2015) titled "Takedown", the powerful true story of Officer John Arnold in small town Sanford Maine in 1982. 

With our first book, "Catch The Sky" still plugging away on Amazon, and with retirement ushering in a welcome dose of extra time in my life, I thought it might be time to work on "growing the brand" and bring together some of my scattered writings and projects back under one name, darrylkimball.net

Oh yeah, so this is the second time I have launched a blog under my name. Unfortunately I let my first domain name "darrylkimball.com" expire (after taking the site down) and now some rat bastard has it for sale for $2695. Well that is according to information on Go Daddy anyway. 


Over the years, several areas have emerged that I really enjoy writing about and sharing with other people. Aviation and flying helicopters is the big one, but all of that is covered over at policehelicopterpilot.com


Business Success -

Here at DarrylKimball.net I focus primarily on writing about business success. It is just something I find fascinating. I find their stories both motivating and inspiring, but I really get a kick out of sharing them with other people. If I can give one person hope to go out and start their own business and succeed in a big way, that is what I will do.

Check out my latest blog post where I read and analyzed the top 20 Google search results for the keyword phrase "How to get Rich." I found that the biggest sites such as Bloomberg and wikiHow often have the least inspiring and useful information. The best search results in my opinion started on page 2.